Pretty Things For You. And you and you’s Philosophy

We recently had a little party for Ben’s 1st birthday. I, admittedly, am an OTT mom who loves a good celebration with loads of pretty things. For inspiration I go to Pinterest and Kara’s Party Ideas as well as a few other party sites. Otherwise I just google what I’m looking for…


But what I do find is that I spend a lot of time driving around from one shop to the next looking for the things I need. And do I drive. On one particualr day I found myself in JHB CBD, then in Woodmead, then in Randburg and finally in Parkhurst. And then I realised I haven’t bought enough of something from somewhere and ended back up again in Woodmead.

So what I pinky-swear promise is to supply you with everything you need in one place, from invites to gift tags, decor and sweet table goodies to banners and garlands. If you want it I’ll find it. Happily. Because that’s what friends do.

So what we’re offering includes:

‘A party in a box’

Bunting, banners, garlands

vases, jars, bottles, party favours and goodie bags

gift tags

washi tape

chalkboard tags

cupcakery and baking goodies

paper straws

sugar swizzle sticks

baker’s twine



So if you’re in the planning stages of a party let me know. We can throw some ideas around, come up with great ideas and you can get everything you need here. I’ve also got stuff to hire (if you don’t want to buy) and if you’re needing something a little different and unique I’ll happily try and make it for you


9 thoughts on “Pretty Things For You. And you and you’s Philosophy

  1. Hi Melinda

    Having a baptismal lunch for my 2 girls at home on Sunday 21 July.

    I would like to sort of replicate some of the stuff you did for Ben’s party but on a MUCH smaller scale and with a dusty/light pink instead of the red.

    I’m thinking:

    E-mail invites (do you do these?)
    Banners for around the tables and for the walls
    Small cake for each of them. Similar but different (iykwim) 🙂
    Bunting (though I’m ot 100% what it is)
    Similar set-up for the table with both of their names and cakes etc.
    I love those glass things with sweets inside and ribbon around the rim

    Excuse my ignorance of the decor terms. I’m an accountant okay! lol.

    Please let me know.


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